SCA Integrated Access-Presence-Control and Security System

GMV offers an integrated access- and presence-control and security system designed to control and oversee all access to various zones of multiple centers, allowing control over the employee’s working day and managing the integral security of all facilities.

SCA (Access Control System in Spanish initials) is a system that adapts to suit the actual management needs in each particular center, allowing each person access in a given timeframe and route and keeping a record of all movements.

SCA allows all generated data to be stored for later reference for the purpose of access and presence control by means of readers, registration and deregistration of personnel, access profiles, etc.

SCA also has a built-in security system designed to safeguard buildings of any type. If any intrusion occurs while the system is on, alarms are tripped and the system sends a real-time warning to the alarm receiving center.

Integrated access- and presence-control and security system

A business solution for both small work centers and, above all, for large companies, central office buildings and networks of local offices, thanks to its modular nature based on native TCP/ IP protocols for the whole communication system.

SCA is an integral inhouse GMV design that broadens the features of conventional access-control systems. The result is complete security coverage wherever it is installed.

All the information is centralized and stored on a database, and SCA software can monitor all recorded activity. The system is completely configurable: it can manage timetables, access profiles, routes, workers, visits, intrusion alarms, CCTV systems …as well as helping to draw up many different types of reports.

  • Access control vets access to restricted sites ranging from rooms or small offices to large buildings or even a set of them, adapting to suit the particular needs of each firm.
  • Presence control; working and holiday timetables and calendars can be defined to establish an employee working model as flexible as may be desired.
  • Security system can protect buildings of any type. Any intrusion trips an alarm in the site itself and the alarm-receiving center.

The system can be used in all-purpose mode for controlling access, presence and security:

  • Diverse types of RFID readers
    A remote data retrieval and storage system uses identifying devices such as cards or other elements that might have many different formats. GMV makes RFID readers that can be integrated with readers of other manufacturers using different technologies (MIFARE, biometric systems, etc.)
  • Controller boards with Ethernet connection using native TCP/IP protocol.
    Ethernet connectivity with TCP/IP protocol for exchanging information on internet simplifies installation, harnessing the habitual IT resources and cutting communication costs.

    If the IT network fails, the accesses continue to work and card swipes are still recorded both for access and presence. This is because the boards have a non-volatile memory with a capacity for reading about 100,000 cards and apertures for storing configurations and events, which are then downloaded when the system comes back on line.
  • Software for managing the whole system
    All the information is centralized and stored in a database (SQL Server, Oracle) and the management program monitors all activity recorded in the various central or local offices.

    The software is multi-station and can cater for an unlimited number of users accessing the application at once. It also allows remote maintenance of the whole system.

    SCA can obtain data from different personnel- and payroll-management systems (Meta4, SP Nominaplus, A3 Nominas…) 


  • Intrusion detection
  • Access control
  • Presence control
  • CCTV


  • Continuous alarm-center monitoring, instantly detecting any connection failures.
  • Extremely low level of false alarms, avoiding penalties.