sae-r affords its users high added-value functions. Some of its most notable features are:

  • Permanent and accurate fleet tracking based on GPS, odometers and balises.
  • Permanent and redundant real-time communication between vehicles and the control center with the following technologies enabled: TETRA, Wi-Fi, mobile (up to 4G/LTE), GSM-R or satellite.
  • Two-way audio and text communications between the driver’s cab and control center
  • Adjustment functions according to schedule and frequency and aid in decision-making
  • Interface for integrations based on XML or proprietary protocols with other corporate systems like CTC, SCADA at the control center.
  • Onboard integration with rolling stock items through interfaces like Ethernet, serial ports, CAN, MVB, IBIS, etc.
  • Onboard signal- and device-monitoring:
    • Technical alarms.
    • Connection with the rolling stock diagnosis system.
    • Driving-quality monitoring.
  • Generation of contents for passenger information systems and internet-based distribution through different onboard and in-station channels.