SAE-R Components

GMV offers different solutions for all the segments with which any sae-r implementation interacts, thus adapting the system to suit the needs of each type of client we serve.


Segmento embarcado

GMV offers a wide-ranging family of groundbreaking onboard units with various capacities to suit onboard integration needs, communication protocols and future scalability requirements.

All railway-fleet hardware supplied by GMV is certified under the standards EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN61373.


The sae-r control center application offers various display modes (maps, synoptic diagrams, etc.) for representing rolling stock and stations. Each view contains graphic tools and functions for adjusting operations and facilitating real-time decision-making for dealing with any unforeseen operating events that might crop up: changes in planning, resource allocation to the various services or communication with drivers.

The sae-r also offers a wide range of operation reports based on such factors as speed, station passing times, late- and early-running, onboard monitoring items, occupancy figures, etc.

Centro de Control sae-r


Web de información al pasajero

In keeping with today’s passenger-transport requirements, sae-r generates accurate, real-time information contents, including real-time positioning, service information and the various speed profiles (by type of vehicle, type of track section)

On the basis of each client’s strategy and operation, this information is presented in stations (on panels or by PA), onboard trains and through websites or mobile apps.


Either integrated with the sae-r or on a standalone basis, GMV offers the following railway onboard systems: Video Surveillance (DV-rec), Public address and intercom (PA & Intercom) and passenger information systems (INFO-pass).