polaris Use

Past and current projects where polaris has been used include the following:

  • Extension of SBAS systems (EGNOS) to South-America and North-Africa, in the frame of the GEM project.

  • ARMAS feasibility study for road tolling applications based on GNSS.

  • SCORE feasibility study for vehicle and pedestrian applications for E-112 emergency calls.

  • ADvantis feasibility study for centralised guaranteed integrity localisation services.

  • GRAS (Galileo Road Application Simulator) feasibility study for in-car telematic systems and services.

  • Galileo B and CDE1 Phase: polaris was used for ranging error budget allocation and expected impact at user level. Investigation of alternative integrity concepts.

  • SACCSA project for ICAO (Internal Civil Aviation Organization) to support the feasibility analysis of an SBAS system in Latin America. polaris was used for the architecture definition of the ground station network and for the assessment of the expected navigation performance.

  • Transport for London (TfL): Prediction of Galileo performance in London.

  • European GNSS Evolution Programme (EGEP), CAGIR project: Use of C band for GNSS systems.

  • European GNSS Evolution Programme (EGEP), Multi-Regional augmentation System (MRS) project: Provision of SBAS services and regional integrity considering the future GNSS constellations.