polaris Supported Systems and Sensors

polaris supports the following navigation systems and sensors:

  • GNSS constellations, including global constellations such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and regional constellations such as Compass or IRNSS.

  • Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS), like EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, SDCM and GAGAN.

  • Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS).

  • Other local augmentations, including pseudolites and radio mobile (GSM / GPRS / UMTS) positioning.

  • A variety of positioning sensors such as odometers, gyroscopes, pedometers, speed logs, etc.

polaris provides default configurations for all the supported systems and sensors that can be used for quick creation of simulation scenarios.

In addition, users have the option to define elements using the polaris advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI).

polaris users can set up any parameter affecting navigation performances as they are computed by the tool.

The simulation models implemented in polaris have been thoroughly validated. The SBAS simulation models in particular have been callibrated with real SBAS data obtained from EGNOS and GMV's magicSBAS tool. To illustrate this, the following figures show EGNOS (extended to North Africa) APV-I 99% availability performance with both, real data using magicSBAS (top figure), and polaris (bottom figure):

magicSBAS real data
Polaris simulation