polaris is a GNSS Service Volume Performance Simulator that provides the means to demonstrate the benefits to be gained with a wide variety of combinations of GNSS systems and sensors in different user environments.

polaris has been designed to cope with the different levels of expertise.

  • A non‑expert user of the tool will be able to assess the performance any combination of standard navigation devices in their particular operating environment. polaris includes a wizard for first-time users, a detailed on-line help and a complete user manual, with more than 360 pages.

  • The navigation expert will also have the added advantage of being able to fine tune the individual components for a more rigorous analysis, particularly in terms of the GNSS and SBAS elements, thanks to the polaris advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI).


Polaris Overview

The polaris working environment includes a GIS module and a 3D Visualization Tool. They allow working with real application environments, including low visibility conditions like urban canyons.

A dedicated module, the GNSS&UA, evaluates the navigation performances. The polaris simulation algorithms and models have been optimised to minimise simulation execution time so you do not have to wait hours (for typical analyses) to get simulation results.

Polaris wizard

polaris has been designed and optimized to run on any standard desktop or laptop computer under Windows® operating systems.

Download polaris brochure

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