platform-art©_MECHATRONICS system elements provide the relative motion between a spacecraft and a target (which can be mounted on top of the Mitsubishi 6DoF robotic arm or fixed on a wall):

  • Mitsubishi PA10-6CE: A 6 DoF robotic arm for accurate reproduction of the DKE simulating the target satellite
  • KUKA KR150-2: A 7 DoF robotic arm for accurate reproduction of the chaser satellite. 7th DoF is provided by a 15m rail track.
  • Current control system: Kinematic based
  • Easy add-on of new mechatronics elements: robotics arms, parallel robots…
  • Mobile (controllable) illumination system for reproduction of solar illumination.
  • A number of S/C mock-ups which are representative in shape and materials of the target spacecraft
  • Future add-on: Capacity to measure the contact forces and generated torques will be included by adding dedicated high accuracy load/torque cells in the interfaces between the testbed robotic arms and the spacecraft mockups.