Platform-art elements

platform-art© is a dynamic testing environment that includes simulation of the real space-mission dynamic. It does this by means of all the following: high precision robotic arms, physical models representing the spacecraft or their systems (including real sensors) and avionics systems (computers, data interchange and communication protocols), all of which are similar to those used on the real mission. It is also fitted with custom-designed guidance, navigation and control software. The testbed offers several different testing scenarios, including spacecraft formation flying, spacecraft rendezvous and docking or capture, orbital lunar overflies and subsequent descent to the moon’s surface.

platform-art© is composed of the following three elements:

  • platform-art©_AVIONICS (exchangeable/customizable upon client request)
  • platform-art©_MECHATRONICS (fixed core)
  • platform-art©_SENSORS (default sensors by GMV; specific sensors by customer)


Platform-art scheme