Platform-art customers

platform-art© has been or is being used in a number of GNC R&D activities, such as: 

  • IBDM (International Berthing and Docking Mechanism) Breadboard docking tests (with dedicated mechanical I/F)
  • HARVD (ESA-TRP): closed loop Real-Time HW-In-the-Loop (HIL) validation of GNC for Earth servicing missions and the Rendezvous & capture of the Sample Canister in the ESA Mars Sample Return mission.
  • PRISMA-HARVD (ESA GSTP/Aurora): tuning of platform-art© laboratory and certification of space representativeness by comparison with real space images/telemetry acquired during dedicated rendezvous experiments performed with Swedish PRISMA satellites. 
  • VISONE (ROSA, Romania): open loop HIL validation of “Visual Based On-board Absolute Navigation Experiment” with space-representative optical camera and accurate South Pole geodetic surface mockup 
  • iGNC (ESA TRP): closed loop Real-Time HIL validation of “Integrated GNC Solution for Autonomous Mars Rendezvous and Capture”, for MSR scenario. 
  • NEO-GNC (ESA CTP): closed loop Real-Time HIL validation for asteroid approaching GNC technologies. Realistic dynamic asteroid mockups are used. 
  • AnDRoID (ESA GSP): rate synchronization experiment for Active Debris Removal scenario.

platform-art© is also available for external customers fair and affordable prices/conditions, including continuous engineering support before, during and after the test for test set-up, integration of customer equipment/systems, telemetry generation and post-processing.


NEO GNC. Vision based navigation for autonomous landing on an asteroid