nusar Use Cases

Tracking the first Galileo signals

nusar has been used to track GIOVE-B and the first Galileo satellite only by uploading the corresponding PRN file using the nusar friendly Graphical User Interface.

In December 2011, nusar was used to track the first Galileo signal transmitted from Galileo PRN 11. The figures below show the tracking results for both Galileo PRN 11 E1-B and E1-C components, tracked in two separate channels, for an elevation angle of about 70 degrees.

nusar: Galileo tracking #1
nusar: Galileo tracking #2

The navigation message data in the Galileo data channel (E1-B) can be seen on the prompt plots, while the pilot channel (E1-C) carries no message - hence allowing longer integration times. Both channels are received with a high C/N0 (since we were in clean sky conditions) and a consistent Doppler frequency.