MOVILOC® is an advanced internet-enabled fleet tracking and monitoring system based on GPS, GSM and GPRS. It has been developed from the palview® services platform.

Real time fleet tracking and monitoring

The firm can keep a permanent track of its vehicles and find out where they are at any time:

  • It will be able to control service delays and interruptions and route deviations.
  • Service quality will be improved.


MOVILOC® offers a wide range of reports:

  • Daily activity report (bus-stop times, driving times, kilometers covered, fuel consumption).
  • Report on visits to points of interest.
  • Timekeeping report.
  • Incident report.
  • Downloading of logbook report


  • Humidity and temperature sensors for strict control of the cold chain.
  • Door opening sensor.
  • Digital tachograph download and data processing.
  • Panic button and remote vehicle immobilizer in the event of theft or other emergency. 

Messaging service

This involves simple and economical two-way communications between the driver and control center by means of a message console fitted on the vehicles. It allows a record to be kept of controller communications.

Alert management system

The company is informed in real time of any irregular situations and incidents affecting its fleet.

  • Pre-determined alert zones entrance / exit.
  • Warning not to drive through the indicated points at the programmed times.
  • Vehicle maintenance alert.
  • Prolonged downtime alert.
  • Excess speed alert.

How does it work?


MOVILOC® is installed in the vehicle’s onboard unit, calculating the vehicle’s position and pooling its data.This information is then sent on to a central platform called palview®, wholly developed and maintained by GMV. palview® stores all the vehicle’s lifetime data minute by minute and provides users with all necessary tools for managing their fleets in any internet-connected PC.

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