Past and current projects where magicSBAS has been used include the following:

  • EGNOS performance evaluation, troubleshooting, fine tuning and quick prototyping of algorithm improvements.

  • Feasibility and performance analysis of a GLONASS-based SBAS in the Russian Federation, in partnership with Russian Space Systems.

  • ICAO’s SACCSA Program: Feasibility analysis of a SBAS system in Central, Caribbean and South America.

  • Feasibility of the EGNOS extension to Eastern Europe – covering also Ukraine – (EEGS project for GSA under FP7 2nd call).

  • SBAS real-time prototype in Brazil and Argentina for demonstration purposes (project: FLARE, customer: European GNSS Supervisory Authority).

  • EGNOS extension to GLONASS and multi-constellation benefits for SBAS (customer: ESA).

  • EGNOS service area and performance improvement over Spain (customer: Aena).

  • EGNOS Land User Testbed - MLUTB (customer: ESA)

  • SBAS Awareness and Training Program for South Africa - SATSA (EC FP7 project with SANSA)