magicSBAS System Description

magicSBAS can process observation data from a network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) to generate wide area SBAS corrections and integrity parameters fully compliant with RTCA/DO-229D and ICAO SARPs.

magicSBAS currently supports the processing of multiple GNSS constellations such as GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass, optimizing the bandwidth usage by means of an innovative technique for the dynamic management of the satellite mask.

One of the key advantages of magicSBAS is the capability to process raw data in standard formats like NTRIP, RINEX, EDAS or EGNOS format. The NTRIP protocol in particular is a widely extended, open non-proprietary protocol designed to disseminate GNSS streaming data to stationary or mobile users over the internet and is supported by most of the commercial dual-frequency receivers. There are currently hundreds of Continuous Operating Reference Stations (CORS) worldwide providing data in this format that can be used together with magicSBAS to quickly evaluate the feasibility of an SBAS in nearly any region.

magicSBAS can also use as input precise ephemeris and clock data from external services such as the IGS Real Time Service or GMV's magicGNSS service. This new outstanding feature can improve the clock and ephemeris corrections accuracy up to 50%.

The magicSBAS augmentation message can be disseminated to users via internet, using the SISNeT protocol, or can be made available in binary format for broadcasting through a supported GEO satellite provider. magicSBAS also offers the capability to emulate virtual DGPS stations producing local corrections in RTCM SC-104 v2.3 format.

Since the potential uses of magicSBAS are multiple (testbed, engineering tool, demonstration, training etc), two versions of magicSBAS are available, depending on the most convenient mode of operation, real-time or post-processing:

  • magicSBAS-RT is the real time version of magicSBAS: In real-time mode, magicSBAS can be used to provide an early SBAS demonstration service for aviation users and to support non-safety critical applications like survey, mapping, precision agriculture or multi-modal transportation.
  • magicSBAS-PS is the fast post-processing replay version of magicSBAS: This version of magicSBAS is the ideal tool to support SBAS engineering and feasibility studies, where pre-stored scenarios are processed and the user expects fast execution. This version can process pre-stored scenarios to perform trade-offs, architecture optimization and fine tuning of the algorithms.

The magicSBAS product suite includes a real-time service monitor and two performance analysis-modules called magicGEMINIand eclayr. Using these modules, the operator can perform a comprehensive set of performance analysis including accuracy, integrity, service continuity and availability.

magicSBAS System Architecture