magicSBAS Customized solutions of magicSBAS

magicSBAS is a very powerful and flexible solution that can be customized for specific applications that need regional GNSS augmentation, including:

  • Customized wide area differential corrections for accuracy improvement over a certain region

  • Customized integrity data in accordance with the specific needs of particular applications

There are multiple possibilities to produced customized versions of magicSBAS, including:

  • Connection to existing networks of sensor stations or deployment of a private network

  • Transmission of corrections through private terrestrial (e.g., TETRA, GSM) or satellite communication networks

  • Implementation of controlled access, only for registered users

  • Integration with other positioning sensors in the user terminal (e.g.; gyros, accelerometers, odometers), or meteorological sensors

  • Development of specific user terminals

  • Implementation of proprietary protocols for the transmission of wide area differential corrections and integrity data

  • Generation of integrity data tailored to a particular application, including customization of fault-trees to match specific user requirements

Please contact us in case you are interested in a preliminary feasibility analysis for a customized solution.

Additional GMV tools that can extend the magicSBAS capability to support feasibility analysis, experimentations, and demonstration associated with augmentation systems:

  • magicASVS is GMV’s SBAS service volume. it can perform preliminary feasibility analysis on the deployment of SBAS L1 and SBAS DMFC systems as a function of the reference network designed distribution, the constellation considered, and the ionosphere region to be covered.
  • magicRDG is the GMV’s Raw Data Generator. It can generate GNSS Synthetic Raw Data Scenarios. This permits experimenting with a planned reference network not yet deployed or analyzing GNSS algorithms' performance over a controlled set of input data. Associated with magicRDG, the SCINTOOL and the AZ2IETS supports the modelling of ionospheric conditions and scintillation effects.
  • magicTEC is a next-generation ionosphere estimation and prediction module that enhanced traditional SBAS monitoring capabilities. magicTEC is capable of producing global TEC maps from the massive processing of hundred of CORS station data.
  • magicLEMQAT evaluates the quality of augmentation systems reference stations by computing statistics associated with the Code and Phase uncorrelated noises and multipath noises. It performs additional statistics on the number of outages and other anomalies within a RINEX file.
  • magicARAIM is a state-of-the-art ARAIM Integrity Support Message (ISM) generator module for offline and online services. The magicARAIM modules monitors and characterizes the GNSS constellation ranging error and the correctness of its bounding by the navigation URA or SISA parameters. magicARAIM functions have been extended to provide similar statistics with regards to other GNSS navigation information like SBAS and RT-PPP streams. This way, it provides a complete framework for the evaluation of GNSS system performances.
  • eclayr is a specialized engineering tool for detailed performance assessment of Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBASs) such as EGNOS and for verifying the level of compliance to pre-defined requirements (e.g.; GNSS-SARPs).
  • magicGEMINI is a state-of-the-art, operational GNSS performance analysis and monitoring tool specifically designed to meet air navigation service providers and airspace users' needs. It implements user algorithms for SBAS L1, SBAS DFMC and ARAIM services.
  • magicGNSS User Terminal is a novel hand-held device that provides SBAS or PPP-based positioning and integrity solutions.

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