magicSBAS Customized solutions of magicSBAS

magicSBAS is a very powerful and flexible solution that can be customized for specific applications that need regional GNSS augmentation, including:

  • Customized wide area differential corrections for accuracy improvement over a certain region

  • Customized integrity data in accordance with the specific needs of particular applications

There are multiple possibilities to produced customized versions of magicSBAS, including:

  • Connection to existing networks of sensor stations or deployment of a private network

  • Transmission of corrections through private terrestrial (e.g., TETRA, GSM) or satellite communication networks

  • Implementation of controlled access, only for registered users

  • Integration with other positioning sensors in the user terminal (e.g.; gyros, accelerometers, odometers), or meteorological sensors

  • Development of specific user terminals

  • Implementation of proprietary protocols for the transmission of wide area differential corrections and integrity data

  • Generation of integrity data tailored to a particular application, including customization of fault-trees to match specific user requirements


Please contact us in case you are interested in a preliminary feasibility analysis for a customized solution.