magicPPP Performance

magicPPP algorithms and application SW have been optimized to complete the processing and report generation in a few seconds.

In static mode, PPP positioning accuracy depends on the observation time:

  • For observation times around 1 day, magicPPP usually reach the sub-cm accuracy.
  • For observation times around 2 hours, magicPPP typical accuracy is around 2-3 cm.
  • For observation times between 20 minutes and 1 hour, magicPPP accuracy is usually below 10 cm.


magicPPP Performance in Static Mode

In real-time mode, the horizontal accuracy is usually below 10 cm after 30 minutes of convergence time starting from an unknown position and normally reaches a few cm after full convergence. When the user client is initialized from a known position, magicPPP can deliver full accuracy in a few minutes. (“Quick Start” mode). The convergence is also strongly accelerated when regional correction, as the ones generated by magicFAST, are used to feed the enhanced process.

Typical accuracy for single-frequency PPP
Typical accuracy for double-frequency PPP
Typical PPP convergence time