magicLPV System Description

magicLPV is a turn-key modular system that comprises the following elements:

  • A ground transmitter, which receives the magicSBAS augmentation message from Internet and retransmits it to the aircraft via the UHF radio modem.
  • An onboard rack, which is an autonomous computer, powered by batteries, that includes a GPS receiver and a UHF radio modem.
  • A pilot display, based on a tablet-PC, which receives the GPS raw measurements and SBAS message from the onboard processing rack, calculates the position and generates flight guidance to the pilot in accordance to the pre-loaded flight procedure emulating a real CDI/VDI display. The pilot display is connected to the onboard rack through a wireless connection to avoid any cabling in the cabin.

In addition to real-time guidance, the pilot display can generate a number of additional plots showing in real-time the SBAS system status and performance.

magicLPV Tablet
magicLPV Rack
magicLPV Ground Transmitter