magicLPV Key Features

magicLPV main features are:

  • Modular system that enables GPS/SBAS APV approach procedures down to LPV minima in areas where a SBAS service does not currently exist.
  • CDI/VDI display for pilot guidance generated in a tablet-PC.
  • Easy configuration of intended GPS/SBAS APV approach procedures.
  • Easy transportation, configuration and installation.
  • Wireless installation onboard, no cabling required in the cabin.
  • On-board rack powered by batteries providing +7 hours of uninterrupted operation not requiring an external power source.
  • Onboard GPS receiver included.
  • UHF data link operating in a free band (869.4 - 869.65 MHz). Ground transmitted and onboard modem included.
  • Compatible with magicSBAS, can be also used with real SBAS signals (if available).
  • SBAS processing fully compliant with RTCA/DO-229D and ICAO SARPs in GPS-only, single-frequency augmentation mode (L1 legacy).
  • Includes support tools for SBAS signal and overall performance analysis.
magicLPV Rack