magicLPV Product Overview

magicLPV has been developed to allow test pilots to fly SBAS augmented GPS APV approach procedures, down to LPV minima, using the navigation signal generated magicSBAS, the operational SBAS test-bed developed by GMV.

The combination of magicSBAS+magicLPV allows to fly experimental SBAS procedures virtually in any region of the world, and demonstrate the operational benefits of GPS and Satellite Based Augmentation (SBAS) to air users, service providers, airport authorities and regulators.

magicLPV is able to provide real-time horizontal and vertical guidance to the pilot during the intermediate and final segments of the approach.

magicLPV transmits the SBAS corrections and integrity data generated by magicSBAS via a ground transmitter located in the airfield operating in the free UHF band. The augmentation message is received and processed onboard in a portable rack that includes a GPS receiver. Real-time flight guidance in accordance to the pre-loaded flight procedure is then generated and presented in a pilot display.

magicLPV pilot view

The benefits of magicLPV are:

  • GPS/SBAS experimental approach procedures are enabled in places where a SBAS service is not available
  • Easy installation and configuration, both on ground and onboard the aircraft
  • Realistic flight guidance in accordance with a pre-loaded flight procedure is provided to the pilot, emulating a real CDI/VDI display

magicLPV is currently being used for the air trials performed in the frame of the EEGS project (second Phase) for the European Commission.

Download magicLPV brochure.

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