magicIFP Key advantages

magicIFP key advantages are:

  • It is a web application available through internet. No software installation, set-up or maintenance tasks are required from the users.
  • It has a remote database to store user’s input data and generated reports, ensuring their secured storage and timely availability.
  • It does not require any investment: just an annual fee to access to the service, which is regularly updated to keep it aligned with any amendment to ICAO baseline documents. Current reference baseline is: 
    • ICAO Annex 10, 6th Edition, amendment 89.
    • ICAO PANS-OPS, 5th Edition, amendment 6.
    • ICAO PBN Manual, 4th Edition.
    • ICAO doc 9906, 1st Edition.
    • RTCA DO-236B.
    • RTCA DO-229D.


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