magicIFP Product Overview

magicIFP is a web application that allows you to carry out the ground validation and flight validation of LPV approaches, in accordance with ICAO recommendations and requirements, to help you to achieve their operational implementation in your country.

magicIFP main goal is to allow you to:

  • Perform the ground validation of LPV approaches, checking their data consistency, their compliance with PANS-OPS design criteria and ARINC 424 coding rules, and their flyability by different aircraft categories.
  • Support the flight validation of LPV approaches, by processing the GNSS data recorded in a flight trial, computing the achieved performances, and checking its compliance with the applicable ICAO requirements.

Besides, magicIFP allows you to assess in-flight the feasibility of LPV approaches in regions of the world where there is not yet an operational SBAS, to help you to get the buy-in from all your aviation stakeholders for an SBAS solution.

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