hifly Highlights

How can you benefit from this technology?

hifly® is the result of GMV’s extensive experience supplying Satellite Control System services and solutions over the last 25 years. Responding to market demand, it is fast becoming the most competitive, powerful solution world-wide with a rapidly growing customer base (including large operators such as EUTELSAT and SES group).

hifly® brings together the best of two worlds: a complete, flight proven solution that is available out-of-the box, and unlimited low-cost customization. hifly® will fulfil your most demanding requirements and needs.


Adaptable & Open -- hifly® adapts to all sizes of satellite fleets, and your own existing HW and SW as well.

  • Unlimited Customization: Talk to us. Together we will ensure that your hifly® deployment adapts completely to your needs.
  • Our Flexible License Policy gives you the capability to make the best of your HW infrastructure through dynamic allocation of client and server components.
  • We provide Full Visibility of design documentation & source code to customers who prefer to get more technically involved in their hifly® deployment.
  • Easy integration of external products through the open SCOS-2000 interfaces.

Low Cost -- hifly® provides the most powerful operations support out-of-the-box at the lowest cost.

  • Low-cost Deployment: hifly®’s distributed processing model guarantees scalability for large deployments & optimizes HW infrastructures. It can be deployed on complex SCC infrastructures (i.e. the EUTELSAT SCC), or on a laptop.
  • Low-cost Maintenance: hifly®’s object oriented design guarantees a 1 to N cost reduction compared to satellite-dedicated solutions.
  • Low-cost Operations: A much smaller operations team can handle a much larger fleet through integrated, homogeneous operations support because they do not have to deal with different application SW and operations concepts for the different satellites.

Multi-mission & Multi-User -- hifly® provides homogeneous operations support to many different platforms.

  • Homogeneous Operations Support: Different satellite buses within the fleet have the same operational interface and end-user applications for integrated support.
  • Multi-platform: hifly® currently supports many satellite platforms. New platforms are continuously being added. Consult us for further information on platforms which are being included.
  • Multiple Site Support: hifly® provides integrated site monitoring & synchronization of prime, backup, simulation, & development sites, as well as hot-redundancy & dynamic equipment reconfiguration.


  • Universal Platform Support: hifly® ‘s processing chains have been designed around the CCSDS TM/TC packet standards to support future buses featuring full CCSDS compliance and today’s buses featuring synchronous telemetry with synchronous & asynchronous channels.

Flight-Proven & Complete -- hifly® provides complete satellite operations with flight-proven, operational SW.

  • Integrated and Compatible Products: hifly® is compatible with and has been integrated with various Flight Dynamics Systems, Operations Automation Systems (for LEOP and on-station operations), and Off-line Data Analysis tools. Please contact us for more details.
  • 100% Flight-Proven and Operational: the majority of Eutelsat fleet is currently flying with hifly® . Also, Arabsat, Astra and Hispasat satellites are flying with hifly® . All these operators has awarded additional contracts to GMV to supply hifly® based control systems for a number of satellites not launched yet.