hifly Components Overview

hifly® incorporates a number of components as required in order to deliver powerful support for spacecraft operations.

The following high-level components can be identified:

  • hifly®: Core fleet monitoring and control system for commercial satellite operations. The core incorporates server and client components as follows:
    • hifly® Server: multimission TM/TC core processing chains
    • hifly® Client: workstation desktop providing operations support either for a single satellite or for a fleet of heterogeneous satellites.

The following high-level components provide enhanced/high-end capabilities:

  • archiva: Pre-processed telemetry and statistics archive for lightening fast access to historical telemetry over the whole lifetime and trending analysis, supporting access from office applications through hifly® office component.
  • SatDB: Offline Satellite database management system
  • satMem: Advanced satellite memory managment tool
  • hifly® syncBridge: Operational data alignment (synchronisation) between sites
  • hifly® fleetMan: Fleet management for centralised handling of alarms and a global view of system elements
  • hifly Views standalone: Light hifly client running on MS Windows providing full telemetry monitoring and analysis capabilities
  • hifly® MIDAS: Off-line data analysis and performance evaluation
  • hifly® autofly: satellite procedures automation component

hifly® is fully compatible with other GMV products such as:

  • focusGEO: Station keeping for GEOs
  • magNet: Ground Station M&C
  • smart rings: payload management tool
  • autofocus: Flight dynamics automation

The following figure provides an overview of the above-identified components and interfaces with other GMV products: