hifly Satellite Control System

What do you expect from a Satellite Control System?

hifly® Satellite Control System

Does your answer include?

  • Flight-Proven
  • Cost-Efffective
  • Multi-mission (support for satellites from different manufacturers)
  • Comprehensive Fleet Management
  • Adaptable
  • Easy-to-Deploy
  • Open

Then you should know that:

hifly® is:

  • 100% flight-proven in operations of communications satellites from LEOP to routine on-station operations
  • Available under Linux, so that it is compatible with a wide range of HW. A Solaris version is also available.
  • Compatible with a wide range of external SW
  • Easy to operate and maintain

hifly® has:

  • A homogeneous interface for operations of satellites from different manufacturers.
  • A flexible license policy and unlimited customization
  • No ITAR constraints
  • A down-sized, compact version for small satellite fleets
  • A public CORBA interface enabling external access to all the core functions

hifly® supports:

  • Many different satellite platforms
  • Fleet Management
  • Multiple users
  • Multiple sites and site redundancy

hifly® supports “your” business model

hifly® is the complete solution to satellite fleet operations, based on modern technologies, providing fully integrated, homogeneous support for large fleets of different satellites. hifly® also provides a down-sized, compact solution for small satellite fleets.