hegeo stands in Spanish for operational management tool (herramienta de gestión operativa); it is a set of inhouse GMV applications designed to provide fixed- and mobile-resource management and administration solutions for any public service and emergency attention service (police, ambulance, firefighters,...) or other types of services (taxis, official vehicle fleets, road upkeep vehicles, municipal tow trucks, etc...). Depending on the type of service and fleet to be managed in each case, the applications to be implemented can have all the following functions: 

  • Control center functions:
    • Tracking of mobile elements and map display of this location
    • Voice and data communication with vehicle drivers
    • Vehicle dispatch and service allocation
    • Mining of historical data
  • Functions on the move:
    • Tracking, navigation and guidance
    • Voice communications and messaging service with the control center
    • Reception and monitoring of services
    • “Mobile office” functions: printouts, payments, delivery notes, individual and official reports, etc.
    • Voice communications

GMV’s hegeo system has been taken up by some of Spain’s biggest cities for management of their public services, such as local police forces, 112 emergency call centers, healthcare transport fleets, local tow-truck services or refuse collection fleets.