gncde Video Gallery

gncde is GMV’s complete solution for Guidance, Navigation and Control design and development. GNCDE consists of an advanced graphical user interface, a set of auxiliary tools, sample mission templates and model libraries with different levels of fidelity representations.

The Automatic Control and Estimator Design Tool supports the process of synthesizing and analyzing a compensator and/or state observer for the control problem. It is able to work with the plant model representations obtained from the Analysis and Design Template or with plant models imported from the Matlab workspace, Matlab binary files or ASCII data files. It provides complete control synthesis and analysis capabilities: SISO and MIMO (Classic and Robust control techniques).

The CADTool has been developed to Support orbital perturbation analyses on a geometric model of the spacecraft. CADTool provides both a CAD spacecraft model (specification, import and visualization) and the perturbations computation based on it.

The Covariance Analysis Tool is designed to perform analytical covariance propagation analyses. This tool is able to work with LTI models or LTV (user provided) models that can represent the dynamics of the S/C, of its sensors and the GNC functions (estimator and control) that close the control loop.

The Monte Carlo Analysis Tool enables to running of both parametric and statistical Monte Carlo simulations of GNCDE Templates. MC-Tool is extremely useful for analyzing GNC performances and parameter uncertainty sensitivity, as well as optimizing design parameters. It is also very valuable for performance assessment and risk identification

Statistical analysis is a key functionality for the detailed assessment of GNC performances and for the evaluation of sensitivity of performance criteria with respect to certain GNC or mission parameters. STAT-Tool supports the computation and display of figures of merit through different types of specialized plots for a wide set of statistical analyses.