gncde implementation philosophy

Designed for GNC professionals, gncde deploys a complete range of tools to assist the GNC development. gncde is fully equipped to help throughout the design process and to yield results meeting the highest level of fidelity expectations.


This task is by no means easy at times, due to the complexity of the GNC design process and the different analyses and tools currently involved. There is so far no operational solution effective at both the novice and expert levels. With gncde, GMV meets the challenge of developing such a solution, making GNC design and development easier than ever. 

You will appreciate how much time you save in your GNC design.


The human-machine interface is intuitive and makes extensive use of visual cues (dialog boxes, graphical manipulation of models in Simulink, interactive modification of figures) while maintaining in parallel the effective use of ASCII files. As a result, all tasks performed through gncde can be easily automated and customized.


gncde allows extremely different scenarios to be run in the same environment, while maintaining all powerful design and analysis capabilities.


The complete gncde environment is easily maintainable and scalable, allowing continuous update of models and utilities. This allows gncde to be easily Kept up-to-date over time, taking advantage of the latest features and capabilities developed for the system.