gncde Design Cycle


Unique in the space market, gncde defines the future of Guidance Navigation and Control design.

gncde is GMV’s innovative GNC development environment designed specifically to support engineering design activities through the use of integrated resources and a complete tools suite.

Due to the iterative nature of GNC design, the handling of the process data (requirements, synthesis models, parameterization of the models, mathematical representation of the navigation and control functions, etc) needs to be managed in a consistent way and made available without data integrity loss to every support tool being used in the process.

An integrated GNC development environment is an extremely effective solution to meet this need. It not only provides the tools able to support the analysis, synthesis and evaluation activities required in the GNC process, but also manages in a controlled way the data being used throughout the different analysis tool components.


Developed in Matlab/Simulink, gncde is based on a user-friendly Graphical User Interface approach consisting of a harmonized set of tools designed for:

  • Trajectory/orbit analysis
  • Development of guidance, navigation and control functions
  • Development of mode and equipment management functions
  • Development/integration of environment simulation models
  • Performance analysis of GNC functions in closed loop dynamic simulations, in both linear or nonlinear model environments
  • Statistical analysis (e.g. covariance, Monte Carlo analyses) of GNC performance
  • Automatic generation of code for on board GNC space systems. The generated code can be later used for Monte Carlo analyses or for embedded systems as a preliminary version of flight SW