focussuite focuscloseap product: Collision Risk Assessment Tool

focuscloseap automatically downloads NORAD two-line element information from the Internet, and in combination with focussuite generates orbit and maneuver data for a selected set of satellites, several levels of close approach warnings are computed. Progressively more detailed information and plots are produced as the approach becomes more of a concern. The advanced scheduling features of focuscloseap enables all processing to be performed both automatically and regularly with minimal user interaction and the users are notified of the program result.


Main Features

  • Using orbital information, close approaches between the satellite and third-party objects are detected.
  • If a close conjunction is detected, collision avoidance maneuvers can be computed
  • Support for large fleets of satellites is available with integrated input forms and reports as well as optimized computations

Orbital information obtained from:

  • Target satellite: Operational orbit.
  • Third-party objects: TLEs downloaded from Internet, propagated with SGP + proprietary algorithm to increase accuracy.

Catalog Filtering

  • Catalog filtering is a CPU-intensive task (thousands of objects to be considered and propagated).
  • focuscloseap applies firstly the classical apogee-perigee filter, the most efficient one
  • A smart-sieve is secondly applied to filter out all other remaining object that cannot yield a close conjunction in the time of analysis
  • Accurate root finder is used to compute the exact time of closest approach