focussuite consigo: Tool for Orbit Determination Performance Analysis

The precision of the orbit determination performances for a certain space mission strongly depend, mainly, on the tracking scenario selected for these operations. The definition of the scenario comprises the selection of the tracking technique(s) used, the number and location of the tracking ground stations around the globe and the tracking generation pattern selected (data rate and passes processing). Preliminary analyses are performed for each mission in order to assess the expected orbit determination performances prior to its operation. In order to have the capability to perform this type of assessments, GMV has developed a dedicated tool called consigo to simulate different tracking scenarios as described before and obtain the expected orbit determination accuracies for a certain mission.

consigo is fully configurable in terms of:

  • number of spacecraft (supporting multi-satellite scenarios) and their orbital state
  • dynamical model for propagation
  • number and location of ground stations
  • types of measurements to use per station
  • tracking data collection scheme (frequencies, etc.) and noises per individual measurement type and station
  • parameters to be solved-for as part of the orbit determination process



Customers: EUMETSAT, SKYPerfect JSAT.