focussuite the ultimate flight dynamics solution for satellite operation

GMV knows that every customer has different needs and requirements when it comes to covering their flight dynamics needs. We know this from providing a wide variety of Flight Dynamics Systems and Services around the world. During almost two decades of uninterrupted, successful services, we have listened and provided Flight Dynamics Solutions to a wide variety of institutional, commercial and industrial clients.

Consequently and consistently with this we are pleased to offer to the market focussuite, the ultimate flight dynamics solution for satellite operations. Our solution is characterised by the following unique high level requirements:

  • An advanced off-the-shelf, multi-mission, multi-satellite flight dynamics solution for flight dynamics satellite control that sets a new standard in functionality, reliability, flexibility and user friendliness.
  • Capability to provide full lifecycle flight dynamics operations support through our unsurpassed collection of flight proven mission independent and mission specific functionality. Flight proven support of commercial satellite platforms compliant with native systems.
  • Availability of a large collection of plug-and-play components providing unprecedented functionality and being able to customise the system to fit your specific needs. GMV provides custom solutions with strong customer focus and customer support.
  • Provision of a generic framework that allows further product development and evolution, including the ability to integrate external applications with unprecedented ease. Our open framework dramatically boost productivity, system usability, accessibility and stability.

focussuite has therefore been conceived as a real framework as it is demonstrated by its major functionalities: a computation and data layer based on the extensive reuse of existing and improved software, a client/server architecture, a database driven system, an advanced GUI (based on desktop applications phylosophy: "everything-in-one-working-area" and "all-one-click-away" and using a GUI toolkit that allows a development of GUIs through configuration files rather than through code), procedures automation capability through the AutoFocus extension (based on a dedicated language SOL -Spacecraft Operations Language), advanced graphical capabilities, portability (e.g. UNIX/Windows NT), extensibility (any extra functionality following certain I/O rules can be easily integrated within focus suite via configuration files) and finally, capability to perform unlimited Undo/Redo operations.