focussuite highlights

  • A true COTS
    focussuite provides complete, off-the-shelf flight dynamics functions for operating satellites. It provides a state of the art end-to-end- flight dynamics solution for on-station operation. Using focussuite satellite flight dynamics engineers can manage a single spacecraft, multiple satellites from different manufacturers or an entire constellation from a single software package. focussuite has been conceived, designed and implemented to become a reference for future flight dynamics systems.
  • A lot more than a COTS
    Unlimited custom solutions are possible together with the highest of professional standards in custom support and software maintenance, including extensions of the system, adaptation of interfaces, integration of new functionality with unprecedented ease (no need of code modifications or software builds), and adaptation of user interfaces.
  • 100% flight proven
    focussuite implements highly reliable and optimal algorithms based on a extensive reuse of operationally proven flight dynamics systems.
  • Ergonomic, reliable, flexible and advanced graphical user interface
    focussuite implements an advanced graphical user interface ('everything-in-one-working-area' and 'all-one-click-away') that brings substantial improvements in terms of efficiency and ergonomy. Our systems include advanced features such as undo/redo. The flexibility of our user interfaces allows easy customizations to a variety of operational approaches.
  • Multi-satellite, multi-user
    focussuite is capable of managing virtually unlimited number of satellites from different manufacturers. Our system supports efficient highly concurrent access through safe and efficient means (multiple user access control via privileges and fine locking mechanisms). focussuite can easily be scaled to any numbers of satellites.
  • Open
    focussuite runs in any standard UNIX or Windows workstation or any combination of them both at client and server sides. It includes an API (Application Programming Interface) for extensions to third-party and custom applications. Flight dynamics products and internal data can be exported in XML. The system is potentially CORBA compliant.
  • Generic, flexible, expandable
    focussuite supports multiple operational approaches and allows easy extensions. Integration of new functionality is done with unprecedented ease. focussuite guarantees smooth evolution and system growth according to your needs. focussuite supports growth through open design, so you can add satellites easily.
  • Database Driven
    focussuite includes advanced means for reliable, flexible and highly efficient data management in a highly concurrent scenario. All mission data is stored in a database residing on the server. The possibility to plug a commercial RDBMS has been foreseen, although this is not mandatory being a proprietary database provided by default.
  • Client-Server
    focussuite client-server design allows its usage over the internet. The browser GUI (graphical user interface) concept reduces maintenance costs.
  • Automation
    Autofocus allows to fully automate focussuite for hands-off operations. Autofocus is fully compatible with today’s operations based on procedures but replaces the human operator by an agent which handles procedures written in SOL, the Spacecraft Operations Language.