focussuite GUI (Graphical User Interfaces)

focussuite GUI is largely based on a GMV proprietary toolkit for rapid GUI development called tkforms. The tkforms toolkit is a piece of middleware that allows GUI development based on configuration files rather than on code. The most outstanding features of the focussuite GUI are:

  • Efficiency end ergonomy: Current Flight Dynamics GUIs do not fully exploit capabilities for easing the access of the data and facilitating the use of the system.
  • Additional functionality, reliability, efficiency: The new GUI not only brings substantial improvements in terms of efficiency and ergonomy but also provides additional functionality, including

    • Detailed [ Events Logging ] mechanism
    • Capability to perform unlimited Undo and Redo operations which represents a dramatic improvement of the system in terms of reliability. Every data modification and program execution operation can be undone and redone.
    • Advanced data management capabilities including the possibility to manage data sets (duplication, modification, deletion). The GUI includes the concept of private and public data sets thus reinforcing the reliability of the operations performed with the system and enabling far more efficient concurrent use of the system. Also capability for the user to perform on the fly duplication of operational data for performing trial executions before bringing data operational.
    • Improved mechanisms for work groups (concurrent system access), dramatically improved locking mechanisms.
    • Capability of integrating new pieces of software without the need of performing software rebuild, making maintenance a lot easier and dramatically less costly.
  • Ease of use and learning curve: from the screen shot shown below it can be observed that the focussuite GUI represents a dramatic improvement in terms of ease of use and learning curve of the system. The system offers two levels of grouping of tasks that can be customized for each customer, therefore being capable of adapting to different operational approaches. Moreover, the system can be customized such that at any time the user is confronted with the normal sequence of operations making the system extremely easy to use.
  • Additional graphic capabilities to the system dramatically improve the productivity of the operations staff and provide a user-friendlier environment. A better output also provides better view and better understanding of the results. In summary, productivity and reliability are both considerably improved. There are two types of graphical information to be presented to the user each of them visualized by a dedicated tkforms widget: X-Y plots and Events plots.


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