focussuite focusebro: events browsing component

focusebro is a generic, simple event browsing facility and fully integrated module available for all focussuite products. It provides basic image manipulation functionality like zooming, labeling, scaling and printing. focusebro covers these requirements as an external application as well as an integrated widget integrated within focussuite.


focusebro can be run both as an stand-alone application or embedded inside the focussuite framework. While the stand alone application provided full-fledged event management capabilities, the widget embedded in focussuite provides the functions adequate for the event management in the specific context in which it runs. focusebro is generic enough to allow running consistently in any of the products of the focussuite family: focusgeo, focusleo, focusleop and focuscn.

focusebro is based on a database that allows storage of the events together with specific configuration parameters. focusebro learns as it incorporates more events into the database. Each individual event is the uniquely identified by its type and the associated display characteristics that can be shown at any time on the screen by focusing on the event.