focussuite Automated regression testing tool (ART)

This powerful tool is extremely useful for the maintenance and evolution of focussuite based on operational systems. With focusart you will be able to:

  • Control easily the automatic execution of a predefined set of regression tests for any of the computation functions included in the system, after any modification.
  • Detect easily any unexpected regression or side-effect caused by the implemented changes
  • Get statistics of the regression tests results
  • Define quickly new regression tests to be added to the baseline

As shown in the next figures, a set of tests can be defined for each program (computation function) included in a given focussuite product. When the test is executed, the window will show the test output and detected errors. A visual statistics chart lets the user get a quick feedback of the results of the execution of the tests. Any difference in the execution compared to the reference data will be detected easily.

focusart represents a spectacular breakthrough for the maintenance of operational Flight Dynamics systems. It avoids the need for expensive and tedious manual regression tests. The process is now fully automated and the organization of the reference tests guarantees a strict control of the evolution of the system, minimizing the risks of unexpected degradation in the computation.