focussuite Autofocus, advanced automation capabilities to focussuite products

autofocus is the focussuite component delivering full automation support for hands-off operations to the entire framework. autofocus is fully compatible with today's operations based on procedures but assists the human operator by means of an agent that handles procedures written in SOL, the spacecraft operations language. autofocus provides two user environments,

  • one for procedure definition (the SOL factory),
  • another for procedure execution (the procedure agenda).

Autofocus is based on the following key elements:

  • SOL, the Spacecraft Operations Language: SOL is a GMV automation language specifically designed to support spacecraft operations. Oriented towards spacecraft operators (not programmers), SOL is a very high-level language with natural language-like syntax in which the number of language elements has been minimized.
  • autofocus Procedure Definition Environment: The autofocus integrated procedure definition environment allows writing, validating and testing procedures.
  • autofocus Agenda, Procedure Execution Environment: The autofocus AGENDA allows to schedule, monitor and control SOL procedures.