Does your flight dynamics software fit?

Every customer has different needs and requirements when it comes to controlling its fleet of satellites.

GMV has a solution for you

focussuite is an advanced off-the-shelf, multi-mission, multi-satellite flight dynamics solution for flight dynamics satellite control. It sets a new standard in functionality, reliability, flexibility and user friendliness.

focussuite provides full lifecycle flight dynamics operations support through our unsurpassed collection of flight proven mission independent and mission specific functionality.

focussuite add-on components extend the capabilities of the package to cover all flight dynamics and mission analysis needs.

GMV provides custom solutions with strong customer support based on focussuite.

focussuite also provides a generic framework that allows further product development and evolution, including the ability to integrate external applications with unprecedented ease. Our open framework dramatically boost productivity, system usability, accessibility and stability.

This program includes the following products:


the ultimate flight dynamics solution for satellite operations