flexplan hightlights

 What are the benefits of this technology?

flexplan is the result of GMV’s many years of experience developing operational Mission Planning & Scheduling systems for a wide variety of missions (LEO, HEEO, scientific and interplanetary).


Adaptable and Reusable

flexplan’s Soft Algorithm Generation makes it a completely reusable system from one mission to the next. Operators input the mission and flight rules as part of the mission configuration. There is no need to recompile the system. And the mission and flight rules can be changed at any time as needed during the mission. For the next mission, they simply input the new mission and flight rules and run the system. There is no need to recompile. All mission and flight rules customization is done through the Soft Algorithm Generation.

The open, XML schema used for the external interfaces provides a clean, well-documented interface to external systems. It also makes the tool completely adaptable to a wide variety of ground systems.



Low Cost & Rapid Deployment

Because all mission & flight rules customization is done via the Soft Algorithm Generation, flexplan is a low-cost, easily adaptable Mission Planning & Scheduling system which can be very rapidly deployed and integrated into the ground segment. License and training costs can be spread across successive missions, further reducing the costs. There is no need for expensive, turn-key systems for each new mission.

Multi-mission & multi-user

flexplan was designed so that missions with more than 1 satellite would also be optimized. Inputs from several different external systems can be easily integrated (e.g. Flight Dynamics input from several different national control centers around the world for multi-national, cooperation missions).

Multiple access levels and a client-server architecture allow FlexPlan to provide an extremely configurable and versatile system for efficiently carrying out satellite Mission Planning and Scheduling.