ERS is a complex system for recording, reporting, processing, storage and transmission of fisheries data (catches, landings, sales and transhipments) in due accordance with EU legislation. The electronic logbook is one of the key elements of the ERS system. The electronic logbook is used for recording and securely transmitting the details of fishing operations. The information is managed by the master of the fishing vessel and is sent on to the competent authorities of the flag Member State, where it is then stored in a secure database.

The ERS system for the recording and transmission of sales has been operating since January 2009 according to the EU Commission’s regulations on the electronic recording and reporting of fishing activities.

Furthermore, EU fishing vessels greater than 24 meters in length are required to electronically record and transmit logbook data on a daily basis from early 2010. The same requirement has been applied  to EU fishing vessels greater than 15 meters in length since July 2011.

GMV has a proven track record as consultant within the fishery sector and supplier of control-center technology. It has been developing various management and service applications for current operations in the fields of inspection, surveillance, penalties and monitoring of fishing fleets in the European Union.

Within the ERS system, GMV is designing, developing and deploying a platform based on SOA architecture for managing the logbooks generated by the different vessels of the fishing fleet. The system set up by GMV allows for the reception and management of all the messages generated by masters of the vessels in real time, processing of the information with database recording thereof, re-sending of messages in structured form to the various member countries according to pre-established rules and acknowledgement of receipt of all information transferred. A GMV-developed WEB-based interface displays, monitors and controls all the logbooks processed by the central monitoring authority.