emil Product Data Sheet

emil is a turn-key modular system adaptable to particular user needs, composed by:

  • System rack, including GPS & GLONASS sensor, ILS/VOR receiver (can be provided by the user), and communications.
  • Touch screen computer, ready for installation on vehicle dashboard
  • Software Application, including real-time data processing, driver’s guidance and system monitoring and control. Custom features including maps, airports, navaids and reports.
  • Telescopic mast for antennas, with different options:
    • ILS LOC and VOR only:  Short mast (4m) with GPS/GLONASS and ILS LOC/VOR antennas. Can be integrated in different vehicles.
    • ILS LOC, ILS GS and VOR: High mast (25m) with GPS/GLONASS, ILS LOC/VOR and ILS GS antennas. Installed in a trailer

emil key features are:

  • Real-Time, standalone and autonomous data processing
  • Precise position determination (< 3 cm) of ILS/VOR receiver antenna based on GPS&GLONASS RTK processing
  • Monitoring of positioning quality and determination in real time of RTK error bound based on patented algorithm
  • Measurement acquisition and computation up to 100Hz
  • Graphical interface based on touch screen located in the vehicle dashboard
  • Automatic configuration of GPS/GLONASS, ILS and VOR receivers without operator intervention
  • ILS/VOR frequencies are automatically set by the system
  • Automatic rotation of ILS/VOR receiver antenna towards navigation aid
  • ICAO tolerances automatically plotted in graphs
  • Automatic generation of waypoints to guide the operator during the measurements
  • Automatic start/stop of data recording based on actual position, no manual operation needed
  • Recording of actual trajectory, can be used later for driver's guidance
  • Graphs can be zoomed-in, analyzed and exported to file
  • Automatic generation of inspection reports
  • Easy comparison of up to 3 measurement campaigns


emil processing rack