emil Benefits

Using emil, airfield operators can benefit from:

  • Reduction of ground inspection costs; less staff and time required.
  • Full inspection capability of ILS and VOR; enables pre/post flight inspection checks. Avoid extra flight hours.
  • Automatic and easier ground inspection procedures; less error-prone.
  • Built-in powerful analysis capabilities in both real-time and post-processing.
  • Repeatable measurements; enabling detection of temporal variations in ILS/VOR signals.
  • Precise position calculation (<3cm) with bounded errors; no need for field markers. Single-handed calculations based on an algorithm patented by GMV.
  • Versatility and flexibility: can be used for preventive and corrective operations and in operating runways

With emil, airport operators are better prepared to implement correlation plans between ground and flight inspections that, in accordance with ICAO, could extend the flight inspection periods with the subsequent savings.