emil Product Overview

emil enables cost-efficient, automatic and repeatable ground inspections of ILS Localizer, ILS Glide Slope and VOR.

emil helps airport operators to improve their inspection procedures by being more flexible, efficient and less error-prone. Current users have reduced some maintenance costs by up to 50%.

emil has been developed in accordance with ICAO recommendations stated in Annex 10 & Doc. 8071 for regularly measuring CAT I-II-III runways.



The emil system has been developed in collaboration with ENAIRE (formerly Aena), the Spanish Air Navigation Services Provider.

Three emil systems are currently in operation for ILS CAT I-II-III and VOR inspection at:

  • Barajas international airport in Madrid,

  • El Prat international airport in Barcelona,

  • Several airports in the Northwest region.

Barajas and El Prat airports rank 5th and 9th by traffic in Europe with 47 and 39 million passengers per year respectively.

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