dowr Overview


GNSS is nowadays the most widely-used accurate timing source. When using a precise GNSS antenna position and a calibrated receiver chain, GNSS can provide a time signal aligned to UTC with an error typically better than 15 ns. White Rabbit (WR) is an extension of the Precision Time Protocol (PTP/IEEE-1588) that allows the distribution of time over optical fiber with a transmission error better than 1 ns over several km. WR is the ideal GNSS complement for precise synchronization of servers across datacenters.

The DOWR is a GNSS timing receiver jointly developed by GMV and Seven Solutions. Seven Solutions is a partner company based in Granada, Spain, specializing in White Rabbit. GMV’s leading role in GNSS and Seven Solutions’ WR expertise make the DOWR a unique product in the market. The DOWR can be used in a variety of timing and synchronization applications such as:

  • Banking and finance
  • Datacenters
  • Telecom and broadcasting
  • Electricity networks (smart grids)
  • Defense
  • …