configuima System Description

The configuration data is stored in a database organized by projects; each project is divided into systems, i.e., separated into distinct configuration platforms.

Each system holds a set of ARINC 653 module configurations; from this point of view all configuration items have a similar organization to a hierarchical structure.

configuima: treeview example

The configuration of Health Monitoring at system module and partition level is achieved without the user having to worry about data coherence. All that is needed with configuima is to select errors and levels and then select the respective actions.

At administration level, all states and errors and can be managed including the relationship and access of a specific target (e.g. sima or air).

configuima: Pre defined configuration

To create an ARINC 653 partition schedule the user is first helped by a wizard displayed in real time in the scheduler view. According to the options taken by the user, configuima automatically calculates the scheduler major time frame and the optimal temporal position of the schedule windows.

configuima: Wizards

For the definition of the inter partition communications there is a Connection Table View that presents itself as a kind of a whiteboard where partitions and port are dragged into it from the tree view structure. With simple mouse clicks the user creates the channels between the partition ports.

configuima: assisted views