configuima Key Features

With configuima any configuration item is quickly accessed by displaying it in a tree structure enhanced with shared configuration data managers.

The look and feel of configuima was drawn up so that all configurations are available in one the same place including all developed projects and respective platforms.

All configuration items have real time validation; it includes a problem view window listing all invalid items that may be addressed with a simple mouse click.

configuima: validation view

Following a simple scheduler wizard and with some clicks of the mouse it is possible to create a valid partition scheduler, the scheduler can be changed simply by dragging windows with live validation informing the user about setting correct scheduling values.

configuima: scheduler view

The definition of the inter-partition communication is a simple number of mouse clicks away, with the inter partition Connection Table View where the user defines communication channels with the mouse.

configuima: connection view

You can import all your XML configurations into configuima and at the same time all created configurations can be exported to XML following the ARINC 653 specification schema.

Data safety and sharing is ensured by storing all data in a MySQL database supporting its encryption and authentication features.

configuima: authentication

configuima was developed in Java as Eclipse RCP plugin, but also runs as a standalone application in any platform that supports Java.