configuima is a tool for the complete configuration of the ARINC653 standard through an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

It supports the ARINC 653 specification including extended services (Part 2) and additional configuration present in sima and air products.

By using graphical representation of the partition scheduling and inter-partition connection, in a few minutes a complete and error free ARINC 653 configuration can be obtained with respective XML configuration.


Configuima picture example 1

The configuration management for different platforms and projects is also addressed by configuima storing all data in a mySQL database. It allows the organization of the information according to the users, projects and systems/platforms involved.

Also configuration files from previous projects can be imported allowing the management of all configurations in one place.

configuima product is available to all java supported platforms as a stand-alone application or as an RCP eclipse plugin.


configuima wizard

To create an ARINC 653 partition schedule the user is firstly aided with a wizard displayed in real time in the scheduler view. According to the options taken by the user configuima automatically calculates the scheduler major time frame and the optimal temporal position of the schedule windows.

configuima: connection table 3

For the definition of the inter partition communications there is a Connection Table View that presents itself as a kind of a whiteboard where partitions and port are dragged into it from the tree view structure. With simple mouse clicks the user creates the channels between the partition ports.