GMV has developed the Communications and Information System of the Spanish Future Combat Program (Combatiente Futuro: COMFUT) for the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

The CIS is the heart of the COMFUT system, satisfying the infantry’s command and control needs from the foot soldier through the troop leader right up the section commander.

The CIS provides all necessary mission information. Special mention must go to the “positional awareness” feature, which gives real-time information on the soldiers’ position in relation to other squad members, also warning them of any nearby threats of any type (enemy, minefields, NBQ polluted zones, etc.)

SIC provides the combatant with the following capabilities:

  • Voice and data communications with the rest of squad members, squad leader and platoon commander
  • Positioning and navigation integrated with GIS
  • Situational Awareness
  • Battlefield information - Common Relevant Operational Picture
  • Georeferenced sketches, drawings and pictures
  • BMS functionality: Orders & Reports, Alerts
  • HW BITE (health monitoring system)
  • Mission planning tool
  • Data logger for After Action Review tool