codelogin a wall no trojan can leap

Remote Internet access faces its biggest challenge when the access computer does not undergo thorough security hardening on a regular basis. Accessing from a poorly secured computer is, and will largely remain, the usual situation when these computers are home computers located outside a controlled perimeter. This is because of the proliferation of mechanisms for introducing malware (usually called Trojans) in the access computers. Most
antivirus and end-point-security applications on the market, for various reasons, are unable to provide a proper defense against rapidly evolving Trojans.

Guaranteeing that the computers used for remote access are Trojan-free is therefore, at best, a tricky business when the computers are controlled
by an organization and, at worst, a lost cause in the case of public or home computers under the control of their users.

codelogin uses the user’s cell phone to guarantee secure remote access from any computer, even if Trojan infected, and all in the most user-friendly way.

codelogin only needs the user’s cell phone to be equipped with a camera and internet access, either using the cellular network or WiFi. codelogin is just as simple to use as taking a cell-phone photo and it has many advantages:

  • codelogin enables secure access to a local or remote system using strong authentication technologies (two-factor authentication: “something you have” and “something you know”).
  • codelogin is unaffected by Trojans due to dual-channel authentication preventing any malware already present in the client computer from manipulating sensitive transactions of the user or carrying out any fraudulent transactions.
  • codelogin uses the user’s everyday cell phone as the authentication device (providing the “something you have” without the need of any additional token). You might lend out your token, but you will not lend out your cell phone.
  • codelogin provides access without the user having to use any computer peripheral (neither keyboard nor mouse).

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