The Operations and Information Center / Personnel and Logistics Center (Centro de Información y Operaciones / Centro de Personal y Logística: CIO/CPL) is a system that automates the planning, coordination and technical management of the anti-aircraft battle (CIO) plus personnel and logistics functions (CPL).
As regards the information and operations tasks, the CIO/CPL system carries out the following functions:

  • Centralize, assess and broadcast information on air and ground operations.
  • Plan anti-aircraft defense, providing planning tools for that purpose.
  • Support tactical scenario simulation by providing training and instruction tools for the anti-aircraft artillery units.
  • Monitor Units’ compliance with planned operations.

As for the personnel and logistics tasks, the CIO/CPL is responsible for:

  • Providing tools to help users in their logistics operations of personnel, administration, supply, maintenance, transport and healthcare.
  • Providing aid for the analysis and assessment of the various service-unit deployment and employment alternatives, in relation to the current scenario.
  • Providing necessary tools for thoroughgoing control of information on personnel, armaments and material (including documentation, replenishment control, recording of additions and removals, replenishment request and logistic support, etc.).
  • Monitoring Units’ compliance with personnel and logistics aspects of planned operations.