BRAVE Platform description

The main components of the platform are:

  • Input Measurements: interface to SBAS input data (e.g. EDAS for EGNOS), GNSS and ionospheric archive systems (e.g. IGS data) through protocols FTP, NTRIP, etc.
  • Algorithm engineering Platform: SBAS algorithms ported to Linux and customized for providing internal detailed statuses and variables of the algorithms.
  • eclayr: PC tool for SBAS performances assessment on Accuracy, Availability, Integrity and Continuity at pseudo-range and user domains.
  • Additional analysis tools: customizable analysis tools which post-process internal data from SBAS algorithms and eclayr performance analyses.
  • Web platform: intuitive, user-friendly interface which organizes and displays analysis figures and key performance indicators.


gmvBRAVE architecture

BRAVE Monitoring Platform Architecture