BRAVE gmvBRAVE reporting

gmvBRAVE offers a daily report which is mainly focused on system performances and SBAS algorithmic performances, providing:

  • SBAS Signal In Space (SIS) analyses:
    • IGP analysis: IGP monitoring, Grid of Ionospheric Vertical Delay (GIVD) error vs. Grid Ionosphere Vertical Error (GIVE) analysis, GIVD error evolution, etc.
    • Space Vehicle (SV) analysis: SV monitoring, Satellite Residual Error for the Worst user location (SREW) vs. User Differential Range Error (UDRE) analysis, SREW evolution, UDRE index evolution, etc.
    • Additional information from SBAS messages.
  • SBAS performances at User Domain: availability, continuity, accuracy and integrity maps.
    • Per service: APV-I, LPV200, NPA, etc.
    • Per GEO channel.
  • Analysis of internal algorithm information:
    • Number of input measurements.
    • Hardware biases of receiver stations and satellites.
    • Clock errors, offsets and drifts.
    • Orbit determination errors.
    • Ionosphere analysis.
    • Vertical and horizontal errors per monitoring receiver.
    • Quality of service.
    • And many more.
  • Historical of key performance indicators.

Sample of gmvBRAVE outcomes

BRAVE reporting